Pilot Vessels for Sydney Ports Corporation

Pilot Vessel SharpThe second pilot Boat to be built by Holyhead Marine for Sydney Ports Corporation has been delivered to Sydney, Australia.  The 16m GRP Pilot Boat is the second to be delivered of an initial contract for two boats which was awarded to Holyhead Marine back in August 2011. Since contract award the client has amended the contract to include a third vessel which is to be delivered in 2014. These Pilot Boats use the Camarc 16m GRP Pilot Boat design for which Holyhead Marine have built a set of production mould tools and have the exclusive rights for production.  These particular boats have been configured to meet the particular requirements of Sydney Ports Corporation and are powered by a pair of Scania DI16 engines with Twin Disc QuickShift gearboxes driving 5 bladed propellers produced by CJR Propulsion which resulted in the vessel easily achieving 27 knots on trials. The vessels are also fitted with a comprehensive navigation and communications fit provided by Ships Electronics Services.This second boat, pictured on trials off Holyhead, was delivered to Southampton  by a Holyhead Marine crew accompanied by the Sydney Ports Corporation representative for onward shipment to Sydney. Transit time for the ship delivering to Australia is approximately 45 days.

The boats are named after First Fleet captains - Sever, after William Cropton Sever,  Sharp, after William Sharp and Sinclair, after Duncan Sinclair.


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