The Forward Console Variant (FCV) is a further development of the ORC-ACV and is configured with the console as far forward as possible. This gives a larger aft deck area for deploying a varying combination of troops and equipment. The transom is arranged as a removable panel for ease of loading/unloading. The open aft deck area can be arranged to accommodate seating for up to 8 troops or used as a load area for other equipment.

  • Length OA (inc. Fender): 9.1m
  • Beam OA (inc. Fender): 2.9m
  • Draught: 0.56m light load, 0.66m loaded
  • Displacement: Light Load - 4150 kg inc fuel & 2 crew, Full load – 5500 kg
  • Construction Material: Fabricated Aluminium (Grade 5083)
  • Max Speed: 41 knots
  • Speed Light load 41 knots, Full load – 36 knots
  • Range In excess of 200nm
  • Turning 1.5 boat lengths at max speed
  • Acceleration 0 – 30 Knts in 10 seconds
  • Stopping 1.5 boat lengths from max speed
  • Engines Twin Steyr M0256K43 high speed diesel engines each developing 280Hp/206Kw at 4300rpm
  • Transmission ZF63 reduction gearbox (1.514:1)
  • Propulsion Twin Rolls Royce (Kamewa) FF270 Waterjets
  • Fuel Diesel fuel (Dieso) to DEF STAN 91-4/6, NATO F76 & AVTUR (JP-5)
  • Troop capacity 6-8 troops with equipment (6-8 x 150 kg)
  • Total Payload capacity Combination of troops, equipment and weapons up to 1350 kg
  • Main Tank 635 Litres
  • Reserve Tank 85 Litres
  • Fendering Elastomer covered closed cell PU foam
  • Communications Marine VHF
  • Navigation Chart plotter with DGPS
  • Electrical 24V DC, Insulated return
  • Weapons Fwd; single or twin GPMG. Aft 2 off; .50 Cal, GPMG or 40mm grenade launchers, Gau mini gun
  • Air transportable in C130 J MK IV. Under-slung Chinook CH47 and Merlin Helicopters. Removable seating and fairings for ease of transportation and flexibility of function. Optional road trailer conforming to EU regulations.
  • Air delivery Designed to be dropped by Puribad system from C130 MK IV.
  • Armour
  • Infrared and visible convoy lights
  • Infrared flood light
  • Radar reflector
  • Intercom system
  • Shipping cradle
  • Boat cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Military Communications systems
  • Boat trailer
FCV Side 01T Small
FCV FWD 01T Small
FCV Top 01T Small