Originally designed for the UK MoD and currently in service with the Royal Marines the ORC is a fast and durable craft which has been developed to meet two main roles. In its primary configuration it has seating for 8 passengers and is capable of delivering them from a ship over the horizon to shore safely in up to 2m of surf. In this configuration support if provided by a forward gun mount which can take a single or twin GPMG.In the second role the craft can be converted into a Fire Support Platform (FSP) by removing the troop seating and fitting an aluminium module which provides enhanced ballistic protection and an additional two weapon mountings which can take either single GPMG or .50 Cal machine gun. As part of the system there is an additional framework which gives enhanced ballistic protection to the forward gun position. Swapping between Troop Carrying and Fire Support Platform (FSP) can be completed in less than 60 minutes.

The ORC is designed with portability in mind. It can be transported and launched by trailer, features 4 lifting points inboard allowing it to be under slung from a helicopter and has tie down points for securing it to the deck of a ship or hold of an aircraft. The lifting points coupled with a painter system means that the boat can be launched from a mother ship whilst underway.

  • Length OA (inc. Fender): 9.1m
  • Beam OA (inc. Fender): 2.9m
  • Draught: Light 0.56 m, Loaded 0.69 m
  • Displacement: Light Load 4760 kg inc fuel & 2 crew & armour, Full load 6000 kg
  • Construction Material: Fabricated Aluminium (Grade 5083)
  • Max Speed: 39 knots
  • Speed Light load 39 knots, Full load 32 knots
  • Range In excess of 200nm
  • Turning 1.5 boat lengths at max speed
  • Acceleration 0 – 30 Knts in 10 seconds
  • Stopping 1.5 boat lengths from max speed
  • Engines Twin Steyr M0256K43 high speed diesel engines each developing 250Hp/184Kw at 4300rpm
  • Transmission ZF63 reduction gearbox (1.514:1)
  • Propulsion Twin Rolls Royce (Kamewa) FF270 Waterjets
  • Fuel Diesel fuel (Dieso) to DEF STAN 91-4/6, NATO F76 & AVTUR (JP-5)
  • Electrical 24V DC, Insulated return
  • Troop capacity up to 10 troops (10 x 100 kg)
  • Total Payload capacity Combination of troops, equipment and weapons up to 1240 kg
  • Main Tank 635 Litres
  • Reserve Tank 85 Litres
  • Fendering Elastomer covered closed cell PU foam
  • Transportability Air transportable in C130 J MK IV. Under-slung Chinook CH47 and Merlin Helicopters. Removable seating and fairings for ease of transportation and flexibility of function. Optional road trailer conforming to EU regulations.
  • Armour Dynema ballistic protection to defeat 7.62mm x 39 Ball at 20m
  • Communications Marine VHF
  • Navigation Chart plotter with DGPS
  • Weapons Fwd; single or twin GPMG. Aft 2 off; .50 cal, GPMG or 40mm grenade launchers, Gau mini gun
  • Infrared and visible convoy lights
  • Infrared flood light
  • Radar reflector
  • Intercom system
  • Shipping cradle
  • Boat cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Military Communications systems
  • Boat trailer
MCV Side 01T Small
MCV AFT 01T Small
MCV FWD 01T Small
MCV Top 01T Small