Front main-ORC11-Security Seascape
ORC11-Cabin CG-Aft
ORC11-Cabin CG-Front
ORC11-Cabin CG-Top
ORC11-Cabin Patrol-Aft
ORC11-Cabin Patrol-Front
ORC11-Cabin Patrol-Top

11m ORC - Wheelhouse

This craft is a further development of our ORC series using the 11m ORC hull form and proven engineering technology with an enclosed walk-around wheelhouse arrangement.

The vessel adopts the same design approach to that of the rest of the ORC series, offering a low cost platform with great flexibility. This flexibility means that the arrangement can be specifically tailored to meet clients requirements with a number or propulsion packages available including waterjet, sterndrives and multiple outboard motors. The forward and aft weapon pedestals are capable of mounting either a twin GPMG or a single HMG with the aft pedestal also doubling up as a heavy duty towing bollard.

Like the rest of the ORC series the vessel has been designed for optimum maintenance and future proofing ensuring a vessel that is simple and economical to maintain. Crew safety and comfort has been a focus, the high topsides, walk-around air-conditioned wheelhouse and an option for a small WC ensures a safe secure and comfortable working environment.

Main Specification

  • Length OA (inc Fender) - 11.20m
  • Beam OA (inc fender) - 3.78m
  • Draft Light / Loaded - 0.60m / 0.81m
  • Displacement Light / Loaded - 7070 kg inc fuel & 2 crew / 8900 kg
  • Speed Light / Loaded - 38 knots / 30 knots
  • Range - In excess of 450nm
  • Turning - 1.5 boat lengths at max speed
  • Acceleration - 0 to 30 Knots in 10 seconds
  • Stopping - 1.5 boat lengths from max speed
  • Engines - Twin Yanmar 6LY3 ETP High Speed diesel engines developing 480bhp at 3300rpm
  • Gearboxes - ZF280-1 reduction gearbox
  • Propulsion - Twin Rolls Royce (Kamewa) FF310 Waterjets
  • Hull - Fabricated Aluminium (Grade 5083)


  • Main Fuel Tank - 1200 Litres
  • Complement - 2 Crew 6 Pax (4 Pax with WC Option)

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Communications - Marine VHF
  • Navigation - Chart Plotter with DGPS, Radar, AIS, Sonar etc.
  • Electrical - 12V DC, Insulated return

Special Features Include

  • Forward pedestal for single or twin GPMG
  • Aft Pedestal for twin GPMG or 0.50 Cal HMG
  • Elastomer covered closed cell PU foam fender
  • Optional Dyneema ballistic protection system
  • Infrared and visible convoy lights
  • Infrared flood light
  • Shipping cradle
  • Radar reflector
  • Intercom system
  • Optional WC
  • Military Communications Systems
  • Aft Towing Bollard


  • Built in accordance with MCA SCV - Code of Practice
  • Structure designed to LRS SSC rules

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